Terminator Vision: Augmented Reality UnPlugged

Augmented-Reality holds the promise of merging the physical world with information, but the ‘killer app’ remains elusive.

Today, the rise of the smartphone and tablet – with powerful 3D, 4G, and high-res cameras – combined with significant advances in computer-vision and new sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect are finally unleashing the full power of AR.

Technology leaders such as Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia, are targeting AR’s disruptive potential on mobile advertising, gaming, and education, by heavily investing in next-gen AR platforms.

With a market size projected to reach $1.5 billion by 2015, leading brands, entrepreneurs and investors are starting to develop profitable AR apps that meld virtual experiences with everyday consumer lives.

 But will the mass market embrace augmented reality experiences? How will these developments change the game for retailers, advertisers, teachers,and game and mobile applications — and which monetization models will be most successful?

Demo :


To celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, NET-A-PORTER created a pop-up store that visitors could shop and win prizes from using a specially created app for their Smartphone or iPad 2. Watch the video to find out how it worked…


See How It Looks… A quick video tutorial for online shoppers that are using our Webcam Social Shopper for the first time.

Webcam Social Shopper turns your webcam into a mirror and lets you “hold” clothing up in front of yourself. To demo visit http://www.webcamsocialshopper.com

Total Immersion

The concept, inspired by it’s product’s fun TV Commercial, expresses the excitement and freedom of th etelecommunication world in a fun and happy way.

AR Co developed an augmented reality program using giant screen at one of the mall in Jakarta. The unique concept is that anyone can dance with an avatar or virtual character of XL Axiata’s artist. This brings to life the connection between the character and audiences  live or in real time.


View some quick snapshots of exciting and fun AR apps submitted for Qualcomm’s AR Developer Challenge 2010. From paparazzi to motorcycle riding stunt men to rescue helicopters, these AR apps show a new generation of vision-based AR applications, including innovative games, educational applications and interactive marketing concepts. Learn more about augmented reality from Qualcomm: http://www.qualcomm.com/products_services/augmented_reality.html


GoldRun and Young & Rubicam created the world’s first invisible pop-up store brought limited edition Airwalk sneakers directly to the biggest skate & surf spots in the country. Sneakerheads and skaters alike visited the virtual store at Washington Square Park in NYC and Venice Beach in LA.


Speaker :

William Hurley

Whurley is a leading authority on open source, open innovation, and augmented reality. He is the co-founder of Chaotic Moon Studios; the world’s most proven mobile application studio, providing everything frominitial brainstorming and strategy, to custom development and publishing, to managing your entire mobile presence in any application marketplace. A frequent public speaker, he was named a Master Inventor by IBM. He has also received numerous other awards, including an IBM Pervasive Computing Award and an Apple Computer Design Award. In 2008, he was named one of the “Top Leaders in Open-Source Business” by LinuxWorld magazine.

Bruno Uzzan

Bruno Uzzan has been driving the growth of Total Immersion since 1999 – from start-up to the company’s current position of global category leader. As a pioneer and AR visionary, he has led Total Immersion’s global expansion and built the company’s client roster with blue chip accounts that include Disney, McDonald’s, Mattel, Twentieth Century Fox and Nissan Motors. He also is responsible for developing strategic alliances, bringing his vision for the potential of next gen AR to these relationships. Prior to establishing Total Immersion, Mr. Uzzan served as a consultant for Pierre Henri Scacchi and Associates (Price Waterhouse Group).

He holds a Masters Degree in Management from the University of Paris Dauphine.

Jay Wright

Jay Wright is responsible for developing and driving Qualcomm’s augmented reality commercialization strategy. In this role, he manages the Company’s partnerships with innovators in industry and academia, and leads Qualcomm’s efforts to enable augmented reality within the mobile ecosystem. Wright brings nearly 20 years experience in developing software and services for mobile and wireless devices to his role at Qualcomm. Prior to joining the Company, Wright was CEO of SingleTap Inc., a company focused on simplifying the discovery, purchase and installation of software.

An inventor and software engineer, Wright holds three patents – two of which encompass data synchronization between mobile devices and have been regarded as landmark patents in the field of wireless email. Wright earned a Bachelor of Arts in quantitative economics and decision sciences from the University of California, San Diego.

Vivian Rosenthal

Vivian Rosenthal is the founder and CEO of Goldrun, an augmented reality app that enables users to locate, interact with and take photos of GPS-linked virtual objects positioned in the real world. Previously, Vivian co-founded Tronic Studio, a digital media and experiential design company. She has been named one of Creativity Magazine’s top 50 global creatives of 2010 and has spoken at numerous conferences on the intersection of advertising and technology. Since its inception in November 2010, GoldRun has worked with HBO, Sony, Bloomingdales, NBC, Tommy Hilfiger, Airwalk and A&E, among many others.

Dr. Manu Kumar

Manu Kumar, Founder of K9 Ventures, is an entrepreneur turned investor. He was the founder of SneakerLabs (acquired by Octane/E.piphany), iMeet (merged with Netspoke, acquired by Premiere Conferencing), CardMunch (acquired by LinkedIn), and a founding advisor to Lytro. He is an investor in CrowdFlower, Twilio, DNAnexus, Lytro, Zimride, IndexTank, BackType (acquired by Twitter), EasyESI, card.io, Baydin, LucidChart, Torbit, and Occipital. He also serves as an investor and/or advisor for Refocus Imaging, Dolores Labs (CrowdFlower), Twilio, and DNAnexus. Manu holds a Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Masters in Software Engineering, both from Carnegie Mellon, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) with a Distinction in Teaching from Stanford University. His academic research has been in the area of automobile interfaces and the use of eye tracking for human computer interaction. His dissertation research explored how gaze information can effectively be used as an augmented input in addition to traditional devices. His interests include discovery, creation and commercialization of new and innovative technologies.


MIT/Stanford Venture Lab


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